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Your dental examination will be offered to annually (according to NICE guidelines) and will include: Examination of teeth and tooth surfaces. Examination of soft tissues and oral cavity. Examination of TMJ joint and muscle. Examination and assessment of periodontal condition. X-rays (if necessary). Application of topical fluoride.

Emergency Dentist

If you are a registered patient of ours and experiencing a dental emergency, we will offer you an emergency appointment with 24 hours of you contacting us. Unregistered patients who contact us with a dental emergency will be offered treatment on a private basis and every effort will be made to accommodate them as soon as possible.

Dental Extraction

When all conservation routes have been exhausted and/or at patients’ request, the extraction of a tooth is deemed the best course of action, our dentists are experienced to perform a tooth extraction. If the tooth extraction requires a more specialist approach our dentists will make the relevant referrals.

Dental Hygienist

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced dental hygienists and dental therapists. They are here to look after your oral health , providing patients with routine hygiene visits and help with periodontal disease. For patients who have stained teeth (tea, coffee, smoking, red wine all contributes to this) our hygienist can provide a specialist ‘airflow’ scaling which removes stains quickly and easily. 

Root Canal

If a tooth has become severely decayed, broken or has undergone heavy restoration, bacteria can enter the root canals and infect the pulp. Root canal treatment is highly effective way of removing the bacteria, cleaning and disinfecting the canals then filling with specialist dental material.

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