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What are Dental Implants and how can they benefit YOU?

Please take a few minutes to read our article about dental implants and why we pride ourselves as being one of the leading Surrey implant dental practices.

Years ago there were only two ways to fill a gap from a missing tooth. You could either have a denture made which would probably be of plastic construction, large, uncomfortable and removable or a bridge which was fixed to the teeth either side of the gap. In the case of a bridge is it likely that the teeth on either side would be cut down.

Although these are still an option, would you want plastic teeth, removable teeth or to damage adjacent teeth which might otherwise have been perfectly healthy? I’m guessing the answer is no.

A dental implant is a method of replacing a missing tooth or can be used in multiples to replace many missing teeth. What’s great about dental implants is that they are fixed directly into bone and do not need to interfere with the adjacent teeth. They can even replace a complete set of teeth if conditions are right.

A dental implant is like a titanium screw – it is placed into the bone of the jaw, effectively replacing the root of the original tooth and left to heal for a period of time, usually around 2 months although this varies depending on healing etc. Once the implant has successfully healed into the bone a porcelain crown is fitted onto the implant to look like a natural tooth and you care for it in exactly the same way as you would a natural tooth, although until everything has settled and fully healed, extra vigilance should be observed where it comes to oral hygiene.

Whereas dentures can become loose and poor fitting over time due to bone loss, well cared for Dental Implants can last many years, even for your entire lifetime. Bridges can also become unstable over time due to the strains put upon the neighboring teeth onto which the bridge is fitted. For these reasons alone, Dental Implants are a preferable alternative.

We are based in Hersham, Surrey and get many patients walking in to ask what we can do to improve their smile – a lot of our patients are also finding us on Google by typing in Dental Implants Surrey or Surrey Implant Dentist.

The team at the practice is headed up by Dr Mahmood Mawjee, who has been placing dental implants for years. Dr Mawjee is based in many practices offering high quality dental care with a special interest in dental implants.

Our practice in Hersham Surrey prides itself on the quality of dental care we provide – from the moment you walk into the practice, right the way throughout treatment and for any on-going maintenance or aftercare.

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